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Notting Hill Housing Victims and Witnesses of the alledged Crimes by the Notting Hill Housing Trust keep on coming forward.

The Notting Hill Housing Trust, a Multimillion Pound Charity Trading as a Housing Association, has been at the centre of numerous scandals over the years, all involving high ranking employees, from Theft and the ‘keys scandal’ to the Gas Safety Authority Cautioning in the years 2011 and 2012.

Our data goes back to the year 2005 and earlier from year 1999, with the PM offices in London reporting to have been inundated with countless complaints of Harassment, Victimisation and other serious offences committed by the employees of this Housing Association and Charity, with the Councillors and the Mayor having to Personally Intervene to Protect the most vulnerable tenants and the Elderly in particular.

With the New Evidence, the Notting Hill Housing is Again at the Centre of more Scandals and alledged Criminal Activity, ranging from Theft and Violent Behaviour by its employees directed to the Tenants, to Gas Unsafe Violations as well as Failing to keep the properties to Decent Standard levels, leaving some of the Tenants having to live ‘like animals’ as some Tenants describe and as it has already been reported in the County Court over the years.

The unacceptable actions from the Notting Hill Housing employees, some of them called ‘housing officers’, whose behaviour is being described as ‘Extremely Heavy Handed’ by Solicitors and Law Centres representing the Tenants over the years, has escalated to the point of the Tenants having to enlist the help of the local Police as Police are receiving Report and Evidence of Theft and Assault as the latest reports we have.

“Notting Hill Housing employees Never solve any problem… they Cause the Problems!” this is the common phrase from the Tenants interviewed, many of which are wishing to remain anonymous for fear of the repercussions from their landlords, the Notting Hill Housing which is at the Centre of our Investigation.

More on the Press Appeal from the MPs, via The MPs Appeal to Notting Hill Housing Tenants and via Notting Hill Housing Staff Blasted

If you choose to contact us about the Notting Hill Housing Investigation and due to the high Volume of emails that we are receiving, pls. write ‘NHHTinvestigation‘ in the Subject Line with a Brief Clarification to Help us Help You Better and Very Important: send Evidence that can be Verified and contact details, always knowing that your  Details will Always be kept in the Strictest confidence.

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