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MPs Appeal to Notting Hill Housing Tenants

MPs Appeal to Notting Hill Housing Tenants

“Dear Sir,

We are today issuing an Important Appeal to Tenats of Notting Hill Housing Trust.

Both of us have Recently received a Very Large Number of Complaints in Recent Weeks about the Trust, most specially in relation to the way Tenants have been Treated by Staff at Notting Hill.

Typically, these Complaints have been of Harassment, Victimisation, Poor Quality Repairs, Negativity by staff and a Lack of Courtesy.

We will be sitting down with the Housing Association Senior Management to Raise these Issues.

If You are a Notting Hill Housing Trust Tenant, and these Complaints sound Familiar to You and You wish to Talk to us in Confidence, then please write to us at Hamersmith & Fulham Conservatives, 4 Greyhound Road, London W6 8NX, email us at: Mail@GregHands.com or Call us on 020 7219 5448 if You Wish to Make an Appointment.” ~Counsellor Greg Hands Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman Chelsea and Fulham.

The following is an Update for Mr. Greg Hands and his Westminster Office Contact details:

Greg Hands, Westminster Office:

Westminster Office
020 7219 5448
House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA
More on the above Press Appeal from the MPs, via Notting Hill Housing Staff Blasted
If you choose to contact us about the Notting Hill Housing Investigation and due to the high Volume of emails that we are receiving, pls. write ‘NHHTinvestigation‘ in the Subject Line with a Brief Clarification to Help us Help You Better and Very Important: send Evidence that can be Verified and contact details, always knowing that your  Details will Always be kept in the Strictest confidence.

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