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Notting Hill Housing Trust Staff Blasted

Notting Hill Housing Trust Staff Blasted

Public Data about the Notting Hill Housing Trust’s Most Unacceptable Behaviour coming from its employees:

The above picture shows the MPs Appeal to the Tenants of the Notting Hill Housing, with their offices “Inundated” with Complaints from Tenants about the Harrasment and Victimisation they’re being subjected to as well as claims from Tenants ‘Living like Animals’ in the properties due to Poor or Total Lack of proper repairs and maintenance, with Most properties falling Well Below the Decent Home Standards set by Governement.

It is being reported that the Notting Hill Housing Trust has been trying to ‘get-rid’ of the Tenants who make complaints or seek outside Help from e.g. Solicitors, Councillors or the MPs.

We now have Firm Evidence of what has been repoted as: the Notting Hill Housing Spending Tens of Thousands of pounds with ‘Building cases out of thin air’ to Evict in Court the above mentioned Tenants, including and regardless of if these Tenants include the Elderly, the Disabled and the Very Vulnerable.

More on the Notting Hill Housing Scandal via Victims & Witnesses of the Latest Notting Hill Housing Trust Scandal Still Coming Forward

More on the Press Appeal from the MPs, via The MPs Appeal to Notting Hill Housing Tenants

If you choose to contact us about the Notting Hill Housing Investigation and due to the high Volume of emails that we are receiving, pls. write ‘NHHTinvestigation‘ in the Subject Line with a Brief Clarification to Help us Help You Better and Very Important: send Evidence that can be Verified and contact details, always knowing that your  Details will Always be kept in the Strictest confidence.

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